Leshem Simon, owner and head designer of Leshem’s Jewelry, has his roots in the jewelry industry dating back over four generations. Today at Leshem’s Jewelry, we continue to use traditional methods of creating fine jewelry combined with the latest, modern day technology and design.

We operate under the strict commercial ethics of the Israel Diamond Exchange. We are committed to professionalism, quality and reliability. Each individual piece of jewelry processed and manufactured under our hands requires full attention to detail.  We compromise nothing in order to have the finished works of art be the highest quality possible.

When you buy from Leshem’s Jewelry, you are purchasing directly from the source of the jewelry makers. Our seat at the Israel Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, Israel allows us be engaged in each step of the production of our jewelry. 

Our staff is at your disposal for any request or questions. Please contact us here to discover the source of professionalism and everlasting quality.